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All About CALCMENU Web 2013

Software and technology has been of great assistance in the daily living of individuals and regular operations of many companies worldwide. In the corporate world, the implementation of different automated software performing their respective purposes plays a significant role on the organization’s innovation and growth. For an instance, data management is one of the important processes in any organization. Well-managed data is a crucial factor that is easily observed when there is optimized productivity and an increase in the company’s efficiency. However, many inconsistencies occur when the organization becomes overwhelmed with great collections of records in several diverse applications. Worse case scenarios such as financial loss and poor company credibility will happen eventually if these inconsistencies are neglected.
Hence, EGS never fails to provide our customers accurate and up-to-date recipe management software for better processes of storing and organizing recipe data. In fact this coming 2013, the developers of the CALCMENU Web Recipe Management Series proudly introduce the upgraded version of CALCMENU Web Professional named CALCMENU Web 2013. This latest enhancement includes the highlighted features of the former software among handful new ones to offer nothing but the most reliable recipe management software catered especially for the foodservice professionals.

Key features which were adapted and improved for CALCMENU Web 2013:
· ADVANCED DATA CONSOLIDATION – With the new CALCMENU Web, users are now able to collate and centralize the recipes of the different brands, sites (or countries), and properties. Likewise, additional data such as brand information, prices, and nutrient information from various organizations can be used to update CALCMENU Web’s merchandise list.
· RECIPE STANDARDIZATION – For better data management, recipe-related data can now be maintained, translated, and standardized properly through the system.
· USEFUL CM WEB FEATURES FOR EXTERNAL CONTENTCALCMENU WEB has web methods to allow external web sites to search and display recipe details. You can publish recipes and control recipe visibility dates to external websites. Recipes can be shared to all or selected consumer web sites. Consumer websites can be easily created and maintained by utilizing the CALCMENU WEB Service.
· SHOPPING LIST – An enhanced feature of the old CALCMENU Web, recipes can be resized for different numbers of servings and the merchandise quantities, which can be defined in both metric and imperial units, will be computed at the same time.
· RECIPE VERSIONING AND COMPARISON - Users are able to create multiple versions of the recipes, in which they can also compare with other versions to see what data has changed.
· SEARCH FILTER - Full Text Search is now available when searching Merchandise and Recipes, also able to filter within both descriptions
CALCMENU Web 2013 is definitely a promising recipe management program which every foodservice professional must have. Aside from having its new theme of oranges and khakis, warm tones similar to a setting sun, the program is renowned for its user-friendly interface including easy-yet-helpful functions that even software newbies need less training in operating the system. Another reason to enjoy this software is that it guarantees the data stored are safe against potential dangers such as security issues and external threats. With these points stated, EGS ensures better data organization, high-level of security, and user convenience granting specific customer needs in such an economic way and making foodservice businesses one step ahead their competitors.


  1. That's what I always say every time I have my Arrow and Tencia support and training conferences. Software and technology indeed play a big part in the business and corporate world. Just make sure you pick out which one works and most effective for your business because its main goal is to make your job and your life easier.

  2. I agree with you Annie, software indeed play an important role in providing business a more organized operation. It helps employees be more efficient and productive.

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