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How Do I Get Started with CALCMENU? Part 2

After defining your preferences in Part 1 , now it’s time to identify the other information needed in managing your recipes in CALCMENU . You can manage the categories, keywords, sources, taxes, texts, units, yield units, nutrient rules, labor and ingredients. In Managing the Merchandise List If you are managing your merchandise list (or ingredients list), I suggest you first create units, categories and suppliers. Units Identify which units you will use when creating new merchandise. Go to Configuration> Manage Units . CALCMENU has predefined units which you can already use. Just click the checkboxes of the units you want to use. It’s so easy! If there is a unit that you want to use but is not in the Unit List, you can quickly create a unit by clicking the Add button. Categories Categories are terms to classify a group of merchandise, recipes or menus. To create categories, go to Configuration> Manage Categories> Merchandise (Recipe or Menu) . You can create categories for