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How Do I Get Started with CALCMENU? Part 1

After using the online demo of CALCMENU, you decided that it is the recipe management solution you needed and decided to buy CALCMENU. EGS sends you CALCMENU in DVD form together with the user manual. You install CALCMENU in your computer but, you are confused as to where to start. Here I will explain how to go about in starting to use CALCMENU. First, you need to configure your CALCMENU . Go to Configuration> Options and Preferences . This is where you set up the basic information you will use in the CALCMENU program itself and in managing your recipes. The Options dialog box displays the several information that you can configure. You can define your preferences for the general and default information, nutrients, picture, currency, import and contact. Define all the information that you will use in CALCMENU. For example, if you are using English as the language of the program, then select English in the General tab. Metric or Imperial? If you want to use kilograms, grams, li

The New USDA Dinner Plate

The USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) recently introduced a new eating guide called MyPlate which replaces the decades-old Food Guide Pyramid. MyPlate is a plate icon sliced into four to represent different food groups. Each colored section is for fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins. A circle icon for dairy is also included in the new guide. MyPlate encourages people to eat more fruits and veggies (should be half of your meal) and reduce sodium-rich soups, bread and frozen meals. The release of a new eating guide is part of the US’ movement to deal with the obesity problem in America. US First Lady Michelle Obama says “ This is a quick, simple reminder for all of us to be more mindful of the foods that we're eating .”* To know more about MyPlate, you can check out this website: . *