Thursday, April 27, 2017

Kitchen software management for Nursing and Retirement Homes: EGS CALCMENU Web Care

Hospitals and nursing homes gain more with these benefits by creating meals best suited to the particular condition of the patients. With a dedicated, central organization that decides assigned meal plans for different branches, the risk of inaccuracies is eliminated.

Food and patient safety

Nutritional content is the cornerstone of the
patient's health and well-being
There are specifics that need to be strictly followed when providing food services for patients and individuals with special needs. In such, it is a task that needs an extensive amount of time and effort to provide for hospitals, nursing homes and other similar institutions that provide care for clients with different needs.
A study conducted in Brazil states that hospital nutrition present inadequacies saying that 45.5% of patients lose their weight in the first three days of their stay. Researchers attribute this to patient acceptance to food, resulting to lessened nutritional and energy intake.
Health care institutions have methods that categorize meal plans for specific patients. Conditions like diabetes, kidney disease and many others need secured meal plans to ensure patient safety and avoid any untoward incidences that will cost more for the health institution.
Food safety is now needed more than ever, the integration of a standardized system for patients should be one of the priorities hospitals and nursing homes should have. That is why Enggist and Grandjean Software has for more than 2 decades developed a means of having a methodical approach to patient food safety.

CALCMENU Web Care - Software for Kitchen and Recipe Management

Food preparation for specific patient conditions is tedious, to say the least, chefs and nutritionists need to consider the number of ingredients that can prove fatal if not measured correctly. CALCMENU Web Care ensures patient safety by standardizing recipes and meal content for different medical conditions.

Hospitals and nursing homes gain more with these benefits by creating meals best suited to the particular condition of the patients. With a dedicated, central organization that decides assigned meal plans for different branches, the risk of inaccuracies is eliminated. Reduce sugar intake to a diabetic patient by creating a weekly menu plan specific to the disease type.

With CALCMENU Web Care, prioritize nutrient content to
maintain patient health through careful ingredient measurement.
CALCMENU Web Care removes the hassle of inconsistent and inaccurate ingredient measurements by linking the software to various nutrient references like the USDA, BLS and SwissFoods to name a few, nutritionists could categorize food items appropriate for specific patient needs.
Though food preparation in this scale tend to be exhausting, CALCMENU Web Care helps cut costs in time and money by eliminating the need for excess staff for the preparation process.  It makes work simpler by creating Menu Plans dedicated to individual patients with careful consideration to nutrient content and amount per serving.
Healthcare providers will find CALCMENU Web Care’s food label capacities a wonder. These labels present numerous nutritional and allergen content for different food items in no time, print with readily available information from various international nutrition databases.
The advantages don’t stop there. CALCMENU Web Care is an online application that needs no long hours of installation, connect to the internet and enjoy the benefits with real-time results. It helps retain control and access in the kitchen wherever, whenever.

Secure patient safety and well-being with CALCMENU Web Care, be prepared, be knowledgeable and most importantly be at ease.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Allergens, Nutrients and the importance of Label Information

Shrimps, nuts, and eggs. These are but a few food items that could really trigger an itch and for some, even death. However, these food items are often what makes recipes unique and tasteful. Allergens are often included to ingredients that make culinary masterpieces what they are.

Allergens are generally defined as any number of materials (food or chemicals) that produce an abnormally vigorous immunity response to the body resulting to hypersensitive reaction. It’s like introducing something really strange to your body and it starts to defend itself because it is unable to identify it as a food product.

What EU authorities say

Food allergens are often a topic of concern for most foodservice establishments that serve various menus for different sets of customers. This is why allergen information is critical to both foodservice providers as well as consumers not only for health but also for positive industry viewing.

EU Food Laws gives restaurateurs a new challenge of coping
up with the increasing demands of both customers and the
Provisions presented by the European Commission for food safety entitles the Food Law and establishes consumer rights to safe food along with accurate and honest information. The European Union gives benefits to citizens by requiring food manufacturers to include comprehensive content to their products that includes compositions and nutrition.

The key changes to the EU legislation includes a “Clearer and harmonized presentation of allergens for prepacked foods” with emphasis by font, style or background color and is to be included with the list of ingredients. In addition, restaurants and other similar establishments are given mandatory requirements to include allergen information for non-prepacked food.

Consumers have had a shift of interests with food intake.
Current trends tend to include a healthier perspective
to ingredient freshness and accompanying nutrients 
Now, allergens are often neglected by a majority of foodservice professionals. In a 2015 article published by The Telegraph, more than 100 top chefs complained about the new EU alimentary rule with a warning that it “significantly damages” the catering industry by breaching the chefs’ “spontaneity, creativity, and innovation.”

In a business perspective, the issuance of the EU Food Laws gives restaurateurs a new challenge of coping up with the increasing demands of both customers and the government. Doubts rise and gives reason for professionals to questions like “Should we hire nutritionists?” “Will it cost more?”

CALCMENU: Simple solutions for complicated problems

It’s understandable to look at this approach through the eyes of the hardworking chef, the busy nature of kitchen operations often overlooks this important aspect of food service. Imagine incorporating ingenious work into a system steeped with traditional methods.

For more than two decades, EGS has fulfilled the needs of clients the world over.
Adapting to changes attributed by government provisions makes 
EGS solutions the best in the market

These are some of the major concerns that Enggist – Grandjean Software would like to address. Food composition and allergen labels can be a worry-free task with a simple kitchen application like CALCMENU Web. We know the importance of time and resource management and how it is integral to kitchen operations.

CALCMENU ensures client safety through
 consistent and complete nutrient and allergy computations as
well as food label information.
This is why CALCMENU Web tacitly and strictly abide by the EU Food Law provisions to provide its clients with the means of informing their customers of the contents on food products they buy.  Think of the many satisfactions of providing complete, accurate, and most importantly, honest food labels with the idea of efficiency in mind.

The inclusion of allergen information from establishments tend to give a sense of concern for the consumers, it gives them a sense of security and self-importance knowing that services they get are of high quality and showing gratitude of their patronage by informing them of potential risks and how to avoid them.

Think of economics and look at how much can be saved by giving the customers prior knowledge to the contents of menu items and avoiding food wastage. By letting your customers know of allergen content, they can order and make smart choices that would prove beneficial for both parties.

The EU Food Law is but one asset CALCMENU Web is proud to feature, we ensure that all known food provisions are included, may it be USDA, BLS, Swiss Food, and many more. As the world gets into a universal accord toward food standards, CALCMENU Web will never cease to achieve heightened services for its clients through continuous updates for your convenience.

CALCMENU Web helps its clients organize and modernize a healthier approach for customers by considering their needs first. Be a step ahead against the competition by providing for customers the benefits as provided by food regulations.

No need to worry, CALCMENU Web is here to help.


Friday, September 09, 2016

Profit through partnership, CALCMENU introduced to LTB Philippines

It’s no question that working hand in hand with the best ensures profit from the business and recognition to the effort of those involved. That’s why CALCMENU is pleased to tell yet another of our client’s success story and how our foodservice management solutions help organize and standardize kitchen operations.

Chef J. Gamboa a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and current Educational Director of LTB Philippines Chefs Association, shares his account on how a lucrative partnership with CALCMENU helped him boost two of his esteemed establishments to heights beyond his expectations.  

For over 20 years, Cirkulo and MilkyWay Cafe restaurants have been a go-to place and a mainstay for food aficionados worldwide. In August of 1995 Chef Gamboa opened Cirkulo and re-introduced Filipino tastes to original Spanish cuisine like tapas and paella.

MilkyWay opened long before. Opened during the 1950’s it was and still is, a favorite of Filipino families for its famous ice cream and assorted dessert items.

Confidence to the software

Chef Gamboa says that his key to success is his loyal partnership with CALCMENU. Gamboa says “On a personal note, I’ve have been using CALCMENU for over 20 years. It has taken away the guesswork in costing dishes and most especially menus whether for 5 or 200 pax.” He continues, “I’ve been able to give our guests the best possible pricing with confidence.”

It is because of this success that Chef Gamboa has announced the partnership between CALCMENU and LTB Philippines Chefs Association. 

LTB Philippines is the premier chefs association in the Philippines and is recognized by the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS). It emphasizes the collection and gathering the collective geniuses of Filipino chefs and restaurateurs and takes this knowledge to improve cuisine quality to compete in a global scale as well as organize and uplift professional advantages among its members.

The partnership is aimed to improve kitchen operations efficiency as well as the introduction of CALCMENU to member chefs who might find it interesting.

Chef Gamboa expresses to its culinary colleagues, “I do hope you take advantage of this special offer. Aside from being able to manage your recipes, I’m sure it will help you in the restaurant business.”

CALCMENU has for decades, sought to improve foodservice quality all over the world, continuously improving dynamics to pace with changes the industry gives and maintaining client satisfaction as key to success in an ever competitive environment. 

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Label printing made easy

Label printing presents a variety of challenges that can come from accuracy of the label to the speed and convenience of the action. That’s why EGS CALCMENU found a solution to make an otherwise tedious and complicated kitchen task a little more manageable. Introducing the newest addition to EGS CALCMENU’s roster of innovation, Food Label Assistant. A free downloadable app available for all Windows 10 formats (PC, Laptop, Tablet) to… Well… Assist you in any number of foodservice label printing tasks.

We know what you’re thinking “It’s just food labels, how hard could it be?” Well, we don’t doubt your label making prowess but can you ensure your customer’s safety with the multitude of ingredients, nutrients, and most importantly, allergens packed up on the food product you are selling?

EGS CALCMENU knows the importance of these oftentimes neglected information. Food Label Assistant helps foodservice professionals design and print complete food composition data. Linked to CALCMENU, the Food Label Assistant App allows you to view any food item and its food composition, choose another item or more, and print them all in one go.

And it doesn’t stop there, Food label Assistant features multiple food label layouts that fit your preferences and accord to local and international food laws. Print food labels to your preferred language, make it easier for your customers to see how much value your product presents to them in their own language and in an easily comprehensible format.

Offline and online operations at your grasp

“Will it use the internet?” Yes, initially, when you first log in using your CALCMENU credentials. Food Label Assistant will then automatically sync all food composition information and category with your device and you are ready to print.

The app also uses an advanced printer mapping system that helps it identify available label printers in the office. Food Label Assistant prides itself by being compatible with major label printers, but for best results use Zebra Printer GX420T and CAB EOS 01.

The features previewed are but a few capabilities Food Label Assistant can provide for you. EGS CALCMENU will never stop innovating concepts and applications for your convenience.

Smart Apps for Smarter Customers
Health conscious consumers are growing rapidly and these types of consumers love to be informed. Keeping them well-informed means you are building trust between you and your customers, ensuring their loyalty through your products.

Convinced? Know more about EGS CALCMENU Food Label Assistant, contact us at for more details. Features that make work easier await you, so don’t miss out.

Friday, June 17, 2016

EGS CALCMENU Gets 2016 Management Software Awards From FinancesOnline

One of the most popular business software platforms - FinancesOnline, has recently prepared a very positive review of CALCMENU and distinguished this software with its prestigious Expert Choice Award for 2016. The platform published very thorough CALCMENU reviews on their site, and the reactions of their review team of SaaS experts have been nothing but positive.

FinancesOnline is delighted to hear that the review team appreciates the features allowing users (chefs, food and beverage staff, nutritionists, digital content managers among others) to create and share recipes online, and they loved how CALCMENU helped them to manage merchandise and other recipe data more easily. The thing that really impressed both FinanceOnline team was CALCMENU’s popularity among culinary experts, who revealed that our software is their favorite tool for recipe standardization for food costs, and nutrient calculation. The fact that it has become even more international in the recent months was the last piece of the puzzle to make CALCMENU stand shoulder to shoulder with the most popular recipe management solutions on the market.

The Expert Choice Award was not the only one CALCMENU won from FinancesOnline. We are also proud holders of a 2016 Great Users Experience Award for their project management software category. The award is granted to products with intuitive interfaces and outstanding efficiency that allows all users master all features of the app in virtually no time. We’d like to use the opportunity here to thank all loyal clients that rewarded our efforts, and to promise even more focused and dedicated work in future!

For more information about CALCMENU, visit

Monday, April 07, 2014

The Recipe for Success: EGS@25’s special offers for schools, students and alumni

Your school’s culinary prowess and a foodservice software programmed for excellence – now that’s the recipe for success.

As Enggist and Grandjean Software SA celebrates its 25th year of bringing world renowned professional foodservice software, it gives a special treat to all upcoming chefs and culinary institutions from all over the globe: CALCMENU Academic Edition.

The CALCMENU Academic Edition comprises of solutions that are ideal for the scholastic setting. With features that train budding chefs on consistent recipe creation, nutrition valuation and automated costing, all in solutions that are easy to adapt to, CALCMENU is a chef’s partner not only in his time in the academe but for the rest of his future successful career. And the best part of this? Our offer for the Academic Edition come at no cost or with discounts of up to 80%. **

Here’s what EGS has to offer to all esteemed culinary schools and promising chefs-to-be:

·         For schools: CALCMENU Web Academic Edition
In the Academic Edition, EGS offers CALCMENU Web as a teaching tool with exclusive benefits and accesses.
The CALCMENU Web application features centralized recipe and merchandise management at an enterprise level on one server and yet maintain the unique needs of each site if multiple sites are required. This powerful yet easy-to-use software also runs as the main back-end solution of top consumer brand marketing companies in Europe and USA, to standardize the recipes they use in recipe brand promotion as they are published globally.
Unlimited number of accounts will be given for institutions that avail of the Academic Edition. **

·         For students and alumni: CALCMENU Pro and Chef
Dubbed as one of the world’s leading software programs in the culinary industry, CALCMENU Pro and Chef offer a host of user-friendly features like recipe creation, costing, menu planning, and nutrient calculation. It is proven as the most practical tool to efficient recipe management.
Recommended by the Swiss Chef's Association, CALCMENU Pro has long been used by thousands of prestigious hotels, restaurants, hospitals, caterers, airlines, and culinary institutions worldwide for over 25 years now.
International schools like Le Cordon Bleu of Paris and London, Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, Geneve, Glion, and Les Roches in Switzerland, and Mosimann's Academy in London integrate this software in their teaching methods.
Students and Alumni of culinary institutions are entitled to discounts and other deals on CALCMENU Pro and Chef Academic Edition. **

With offers that cater to both culinary schools and their students and alumni, here’s a quick rundown of all the reasons why CALCMENU Academic Edition is a definite must-have:
1. No more troubles in consolidating multiple recipes and recipe versions. A centralized database of recipes, menus, food costs and nutrients will be yours with our recipe management suite.

2. Speed up the learning process by leaving the recipe encoding and costing to CALCMENU. This way, students and instructors can spend more time in the core studies of culinary arts.

3. Math will be everyone’s best friend because CALCMENU will assist in all planning, budgeting and costing of culinary courses.

4. All cookbooks will be just one click away with CALCMENU’s interactive kiosk. Recipes will be easier to access during the actual cooking processes.

5. Students and instructors alike will love the easy-to-use interface of CALCMENU! It’s as simple as any of your mobile and desktop applications, while still specially customized for the needs of the foodservice industry.

EGS provides all these to budding chefs and renowned culinary schools for its 25th year in the foodservice software industry. After all, these young artists and the institutions they come from will be CALCMENU’s long-term partners in the foodservice business and in success for more years to come.

2 products. 5 important benefits. All in EGS’ 25th year CALCMENU Academic Edition.

Be equipped with the CALCMENU Academic edition today by contacting and follow the perfect recipe for success.

Also, feel free to share your insights on EGS’ 25th year treat on the comments section below!

**contact for specific details on CALCMENU Academic Edition deals and offers.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Evitons la frénésie aux fourneaux : astuces gain de temps pour chefs en herbe

Savoir cuisiner en gagnant du temps est un des objectifs à atteindre pour tous les jeunes chefs. Quelques raccourcis, astuces et conseils vous permettront d'avoir une longueur d'avance aux heures d'affluence du restaurant. Gagnez un temps précieux tout en servant des plats gastronomiques en un claquement de doigts grâce à ce vade-mecum :

  • Commencez par lire les instructions
Dans la précipitation, obnubilés par votre volonté de tout faire en même temps, vous risquez d'oublier la première étape, pourtant essentielle, de la préparation d'un repas réussi : la lecture des instructions de la recette. Avoir dès le départ une vue d'ensemble de la procédure présente l'avantage de vous permettre d'identifier les étapes initiales et les ingrédients à préparer en premier.
  • Multitâche
Comme dans toute fonction, la cuisine exige une capacité élevée à effectuer plusieurs tâches à la fois. Cela est indispensable pour pouvoir augmenter votre productivité en un temps plus court. En cuisine, la meilleure façon d'être multitâche est de commencer par préparer d'autres ingrédients en attendant que l'eau bout ou que le four atteigne la température voulue. Ainsi, vos ingrédients seront déjà épluchés, émincés ou hachés et prêts à être saisis dans la cocotte chaude ou enfournés à la bonne température.
  • Investissez dans les bons ustensiles
Un bon économe et un couteau bien aiguisé sont les ustensiles de base dans lesquels vous devez investir pour commencer votre carrière de chef cuisinier. Vous gagnerez du temps à éplucher, émincer et hacher lors de toutes vos préparations culinaires ultérieures. Ces outils ont un coût élevé certes, mais qui sera rapidement amorti en terme de gain de temps.

  • Nettoyez et rangez
Une autre astuce gain de temps consiste à rassembler tous les ingrédients avant même de vous mettre à cuisiner. Cela suppose que vous ayez une liste de courses pour votre recette afin de ne rien oublier une fois dans les rayons de votre magasin ou lorsque vous envoyez une commande à vos fournisseurs. Vous gagnerez ainsi du temps et éviterez de devoir courir à l'épicerie du quartier parce que vous avez oublié un article lors de vos courses. Pour créer votre liste de course, l'idéal est d'utiliser une application ou un programme vous permettant de détailler correctement chaque ingrédient. CALCMENU, solution de gestion de recettes de renommée mondiale, présente une fonctionnalité très pratique permettant aux experts culinaires et aux chefs en herbe de créer des listes de courses pour les recettes et les menus sélectionnés. Tous les ingrédients nécessaires à la réalisation de la recette peuvent être listés, avec l'indication des quantités et des prix. Cette fonctionnalité vous évite de rédiger à la main vos listes de courses. Cela réduit en outre le risque d'erreur lorsque vous détaillez les ingrédients.

En suivant ces conseils simples, vous serez surpris voir le temps que vous pouvez effectivement gagner en cuisine. Si vous connaissez d'autres astuces gain de temps, n'hésitez pas à les communiquer à vos confrères et consœurs cuisiniers dans la section de commentaires ci-dessous.